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I need help with connecting two computers together for gaming through my broadband router.
I'm hosting the game and need to get them to connect to my computer to play. When we dont use the router and just use the modem can easily connect togther but as i live with other people at home has to be done through router as they get very annoyed when they can't connect to net. I have tried looking through the settings but i don't understand any of it. I don't know make of my router, doesn't have name of company anytwhere

any help is appreciated

thank you
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  1. You probably need to set up port forwarding in the router so that your PC can act as a server. Typically the router is the only thing that's visible to the outside world, so if someone tries to connect to a game server at port 9999 (or whatever) it needs to know which of the PCs on the internal network it should forward the connection to.
  2. ok cool
    how do you set up port forwarding. i have no idea how the ports work
  3. That will depend on the router; with mine you just go to the router's local management web page and tell it which ports to forward to which computer. Others are more complicated than that.

    Best bet is to find the manual for the router (online if you don't have a paper one) and look for 'port forwarding' or 'firewall'. You'll also need to find out which ports the game you're playing needs access to.
  4. i will have to check over the manual again lol
    how do i go about finding out which ports the game i'm playing needs access too
  5. go to
    This site lists a lot of modems and a lot of games as well as the ports to forward for the specific game. Ports need to be forwarded to the machine that will act as the server.
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