8800 gts 640mb- best card??

man i have to tell you guys i had a big confusion whether to get the 320mb or 640mb. i knew not to get gtx or ultra as it was overpriced. i initially ordered the 320mb thinking about money then cancelled order and decided to go for the 640mb. i will explain the reason why i done that and hopefully that reason will guide the confused guys whether to go for the 320 or 640mb.

i know its mainly about what resolution youll be using and i have small monitor (17inch) so i wont be using higher than 1280x1024. However from some reading, some dude said you never know what future D10X games will require in terms of memory!

Radeon HD 2900 XT vs. 320MB 8800 GTS

the above link is a review comapring ati and nvidia. i love the game stalker and would love to play it in highest setting possible. currently with my radeon 1600pro, i cant get above static lighting on the rendering mode. the 320mb was able to reach full dynamic lightening however had to reduce the Anisotropic Filtering level to 4X instead of 8X and reduce the grass density to 50%. the bottleneck was due to the memory at 320mb. the 640mb had no problems with AF 8X and grass density at 100%. i guess in conclusion, this was the main reason why i decided to play it safely by going for the 640mb. plus as the other dude said, you never know what future D10X require in terms of memory.

ill get this baby next week hopefully however i cant wait.

driver for 8800 gts 640mb

just a quick question, is the above link the correct driver for the card? i have windows xp.

thank you.
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  1. Yes, the link is correct for the 32-bit version.
    The 64-bit version is different.
  2. ok, this is how i see it going, yes 320 mb is nice, and yes it is cheaper but, you gotta think about the games that if you set everything to high for a nice look, its gonna use more memory.

    i have the BFG 8800GTSOC2 640 and its nice!! i havnt had a problem playing anything honestly. its all up to you if you wanna save money. personally tho i would go with the 640.
  3. I've just been through this exact same choice, and I game at 1920x1200!

    That tells you that you should probably go for the 320MB version, as at the resolution you play at it will make far less difference. Not no difference, but far less difference.

    Longer term it is less clear cut of course as future games will probably require more memory, but for me it was a hard choice as the 320 was £170 and the 640 £227 - a significant difference in % terms.

    However, in the end I didn't actually make the choice - I plumped for a GTX as I saw a fantastic deal for one and went for it :)
  4. i think im 32 bit version but how do i find out evongugg?
  5. How to determine whether your computer is running a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version of the Windows operating system

  6. i followed the intructions for windows professional as this is the closest to a windows xp home edition (what i have).

    my system:
    Microsoft windows XP
    Version 2002

    so i guess im 32 bit. please confirm

    also for intrest, is 64 bit better than 32 bit or something??
  7. Home edition is 32-bit.

    64-bit OS are a little faster than 32-bit. They allow more memory to be used. They are the future of operating systems due to the production of 64-bit hardware. Some drivers have still not been written yet for the OS. 32-bit programs work on the 64-bit OS (backwards compatible).
  8. ok i assume its a whole new software for upgrade to 64bit yea?
  9. Yes.
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