experienced user, 8800gts problems

Jeez, i feel like a noob asking but heres how it goes.

I got my parts today, putting another build together so i can multi task (aka, encode video on one game on the other). Well, first i assembled everything in the case as usual, did all the normal stuff but it wouldn't post when i'd turn it on, so i took it out of the cae and did an open bench build and narrowed it down to either the video card or the power supply, even though they are all brand new. When i press the power button my fan on my GTS spins and whirrs to life but nothing else does, i turn it off, take out the GTS, the system posts, and beeps the beeps for no video out, so i know my system is fine. So, it is either the GTS or the PSU, but i'm sure my psu can run the GTS so that basically leaves it to be the GTS.

Here are the builds full specs:

Thermaltake BigTyphoon VX
Gigabyte 965P S3 rev 3.3
Intel E4300 (not clocked because unable to post)
Hiper Type M 580W PSU
Inno3D 8800GTS 320mb
Samsung spinpoint 500GB harddrive
Lite-On DVD burner
Kingston value ram (4x 1gb sticks, 667 @ 1.8v@5-5-5-5-15)
Thermaltake Soprano VX

anyone heard any problems with any of these? i've cleared the cmos and also done a minimal build and have narrowed it to either my psu can't supply enough power, or the 8800GTS is |=ucked... help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I may have missed it in your post, but what kind of PSU is it?
  2. You have plugged the required power connector(s) to the video card :?: Can you test with another PCI-e video card, the PCI-e slot could be faulty. Can you borrow a known good PSU, or test 8800 in a friends system. Have you connected ALL power connectors to the motherboard :?: Check video card IS fully engaged, they can be stiff to insert.

  3. DS3 takes a couple of attemps to POST first time round.. you could try repeatedly resetting pc until it boots, or pulling power out the back, or clear the cmos and try again..

    good luck
  4. If the PSU is good it will handle the GTS with no problem. I have the Hyper 580 running a GTS 640 and FX60 both OC'd. No drop on the +12v rail at load.
  5. Have you tried one of your HD2900XT's in it?

    After all, you know they are working!
  6. actually, i haven't tried one of my 2900XTs in it, because i think that would kill the psu, and possibly my card, lol, thats pushing it a little too far, yes all the cables are plugged in, yeah... as i stated it posts without the card, everything spins up, the lock lights on the keyboard flashes about 5 seconds later it does the post code for no vga out then i press alt ctrl del and it restarts, s it works with out it. i did notice even when i do put the card all the way into the S3 it is fairly loose, but no looser than and other card i have every used... so that leaves the graphics card ey?

    i guess i'll pick up both a pci and pcie graphics card from work in 10 mins and try em out when i get home, i'll also try the 8800gts in a work computer.

    ps, thanks
  7. well, i couldn't test it this morning because of stocktake, i'll try get a hold opf my mates x1600pcie to see whether it is the board or the card, i have a bad feeling that it may be both...
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