12 Apps to Keep PC Fast - Tom's Guide

I'd like to know if anybody in the community has tried any of these applications, and what your opinions are on them. With so many advertisements and articles about programs like these, it's hard to know which are good and which are lemons. Since it's from Tom's Guide, I except that I'm allowed to post this here.


I use CCleaner and Spybot. I've tried Defraggler, and though it's thorough, it is incredibly slow. The rest I've never tried. One utility I have used that is great is WinDirStat. It let's you see everything on your harddrive, how much space it takes up, and a graphic that is like a model of your drive to show you what is what. It's great for finding and deleting files you forgot you had and want to delete to free up space.
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  1. I've used the Revo Free uninstaller and it's very good,much better than the windows uninstaller!

    I have used Speccy from Piriform and it is great for system information!

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