Does Eizo L375 Pivot?

Does anybody happen to know whether the Eizo L375 (not the L365) pivots? The Eizo website makes no mention that any of their models pivot, but some sales sites (mostly in Europe in languages I can't read) seem to indicate that it does. Also, anybody in a position to assess whether the L375 is as good as the L365? I can't find this monitor in any local stores.
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  1. Nope , the 375 doesn't have the pivot function.....even if it did, it won't be too useful.....not with a 768 x 1024 res...
  2. Thanks for the info. But I disagree on whether pivot capability is useful for a 15" monitor. In portrait mode and full screen, you can see an entire 8.5" x 11" sheet without reducing below 100% magnification. Can't do that in landscape - chops off over 2" and you have to scroll.
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