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We bought a new laptop and the older one which was only 2 years old I changed the administrator name (OS-windows vista) all worked okay.I then installed Windows 7 upgrade that I purchased.It installed okay but when I tried to access certain files it wouldn't let me access them.It required old adm. name which I tried to change back,it did but still no access.So I decided to reformat with my Vista disk,and now I can not get anything .Says No boot manager-restart.Tried,tried over& over.NO LUCK. ANY suggestions
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  1. You will have to install vista --> upgrade to 7 and then start over if you formatted the drive...
  2. I see the post went dead- but just for the record- I had someone try installing W7 on a Vista Lapyop, and he came to me with a bootmanager missing.
    I simply inserted the Vista disc, and chose repair, and it repaired the boot into W7.
    I am waiting to see if he wants to put Vista back on- of he does, I will poat anything unusual
    I would make a note here that it was an HP laptop, that has its own restore (press f11), that would not work, until bootloader was repaired- then it just re-loaded W7- so anyone with a laptop with a recovery partion, be careful.
    I expect to go into W7, and see if I can get into windows old(vista) and use his recovery from inside windows, (unless anyone else has done this) I should be seeing him this weekend .otherwise I expect it will have to be formatted, if he has already saved his data. As the experts here, will know, the hidden partition can be accessed, using ptedit (now, I believe owned by symantic)
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