anyone else mad about this?

an e6400 and an e6420 ( which is the exact same as an e6400 except 4mb cache) is on sale at newegg for the same prices.

I was pissed when i saw this although i have had my e6400 since 8/8/2006 :P
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  1. Why would you be mad at E6420 if it's the same price as the E6400? You should be happy that you can get 2MB of L2 Cache for free.
  2. Nope, not really.

    I would be mad if the E6400 was priced at $500, and the E6420 was at $750. Then I would be mad.
  3. Nope not me, I agree with NMDante. Or if the E6420 was cheaper after I bought a E6400. Sorry to disappoint you :wink:
  4. I'm in the UK and therefore cannot use Newegg so consequently I could not care less, sorry mate.
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