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Hey i want to re-install windows vista because its running kind of slow and was wondering if i can re use the cd key from my vista , and i dont have my cd key for my MS office, and i think i already used the 3rd account from the student version any tips? and also i want to format one of my hard drives but dont know how..... thanks
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  1. i guess nobody knows :-(
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    You need to be a bit patient, we are not paid to do this and remarks like that won't help.
    Vista can be reinstalled using the same key on the same pc and hardware, although you may need to activate by phone, no big deal takes about 5-10 minutes. Chances are that net activation will go through.
    As for Office without a key you're out of luck, surely you know how many pc's you've installed it on. It's not how many times you have installed it, but on how many pc's.
    Formating a hard drive is fairly simple as long it does not contain an operating system or any system files from an instalation on another drive.
    If it's a used drive, open the computer folder in Explorer, right click and choose format.
    If it's a new drive, go into Disk Managment create a new partition, then format it.
  3. alright thank you.
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