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I'm looking to buy a video card for a new build. I'm not a heavy gamer but would like to play the latest combat games and flight simulator games. I want an energy efficient card, DVI output for an lcd monitor, tv tuning capability (or should I buy a tv tuner card seperately?) I'm not overclocking. Mainstream user. PCI-E No more than $125 or so.
My questions are:
Ati or Nvidia?
DX9 or DX 10?
256 mb or 512 mb?
What brand of card? EVGA, BFG, etc...
What do you think about the 7900GS, 7900GT, 7950 or the 7600GT?
Thanks alot
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  1. Try the 7600gt. Its around 100 bucks.
    It doesnt have a tv tuner though.
  2. EVGA 8600GT 100$

    for 25 bucks more(150$) you can get th EVGA 8600GTS
    (and remember if you register your card you can Step-up from a 8600GTS series to the 8800 series good idea for the Future)

    8500GT for 63$
    ( i would go for the 8500GT for LIGHT gaming and because of its superb DVD encoding and other media compatibilities at 63$ pretty good deal)

    X1650XT 85$

    7600GT 85$

    (Both perform about the same but i would favor the X1650XT because of AVIVO and better image quality.)

    EVGA 7300GT 41.99$

    I would only go for the low end cards, 7300GT/8500GT if just want to spend very little cash and get your computer and running maybe for some light gaming.

    the X1650XT would be a good gamer here for 85$ its a great price i personally perfer ATI's X1000 lineup over the 7000's series.

    If you got the money hell buy the 8600GTS it is a good card no matter what people say im sure it had more capabilities but the drivers are no where near mature enough.
  3. if ure going to connect to a SD TV get the x1600 as ATI's tv output is still better then nvidia's and this sounds like a HTPC

    Anyone know if the 8800's will ever have overscan on TV?
  4. I'm considering the following:
    7600GT, 8600GT, 7900GS

    Which of these is less power hungry? The better card!
  5. 8600GT it only takes about 43 Watts of power, OCed about 71 Watts.
  6. Is the wattage consumption written in the specifications section of each card? If not, how do I calculate the wattage myself?
  7. No, but Legionhardware did a good article on the 8600GT on power.

    "Overclocking low-end or mid-range graphics cards, as is the case here, there is little to worry about as products such as the GeForce 8600 GT have a very low thermal output to start off with. The power consumption of an 8600 GT graphics card is said to be just 43 watts, while the 8600 GTS uses 71 watts. Compare this to the 225 watts used by the GeForce 8800 GTX and it soon becomes clear that by today’s standards the 8600 GT is a low powered solution."
    - http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=657

    the 8600GTS only eats 71Watts so if you with the 8600's or the 8500GT you get all the power from the PCI-E slot which is quite nice.
  8. Ok I'm getting closer. I've narrrowed it down to the 8600GT and the 7900GS. Probably the 8600GT because its DX10. Do I need DX10?

    EVGA has two 8600GT cards at newegg. One is a plain card and the other is a "superclocked version". Can the plain one be overclocked to be equal to the "superclocked version"? If so what wattage increase would it have?

    Also Should I stick to EVGA since I've heard they make good cards?
    What manufacturer makes good cards and feature rich cards?

    Is 256 mb enough or should I be looking for 512mb?
    What does the 7900GS consume for power?
  9. Well if you want low power card as you stated earlier the 8600GT is the way to go. For it also has great DVD decoding and other Media capabilities that the 7900 series doesnt have.

    With some good drivers maybe we can see the new DX10 design alot more efficient. 32 shaders is about as strong as the 7900GT*(24+ EIGHT) yet remember those shaders can be Vertex or pixel for (16+16) or (24+ EIGHT)

    Right now the 7900GS is the stronger card abit because of the 8600's lack of 256mb Bit bus but as the 7600GT has shown sometimes it doesnt always matter.
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