3D model animation and Youtube video creation?

Desired result : to be able to use 3d animation combined with home video for Youtube

Software currently have : Vegas Pro 8, Cyberlink Power Director 9, Photoshop CS with image ready,
Blender,Iclone trial (might purchase)

I have an aspiring Pop Star (10 year old daughter) and I am looking to improve her Youtube videos
with better video production.

Right now I have a 640x480 digital movie camera (looking to upgrade) and I also use
Reaper audio recording software for guitar,vocals and keyboard

I would love to be able to add in 3d animation (example would be Winnie the Pooh dancing in the video with her)

What would be the best way to do it?
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  1. Thanks I will go shopping for that
    I was kind of afraid of that
  2. I was afraid I didnt have the software to do it
    I will just save up until I have enough in my treasure chest to get it
  3. I've only started using iClone as I only just gave you a suggestion.

    ^There are some tutorials if you need any.
  4. I downloaded a trial of iClone
    and I will try it out
    Thank you
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