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Was using the computer today (Vista Home Premium 64 bit) when the internet stopped working all of a sudden. I didn't think anything of it because this happens from time to time, but when I restarted I get a black screen and some text saying the computer is going to do a CHKDSK scan. After it finished it restarted and when it finished loading the desktop I start getting errors that various features of vista like vista defender, cryptography. On top of that my anti virus (Kaspersky) stops working and says there's a program failure and the database is suddenly corrupt. Along with a plethora of other programs that stop working. Also I seem to get a blue screen periodically and need to restart and return to more error and failures. The only think I can think of that might have anything to do with any of this is that my computer might have overheated since the room I keep it in is pretty hot. If anyone has any solutions to my wide assortment of problems I would be very grateful.
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  1. While a hot room isn't good for your pc, overheating the pc usually sounds an alarm by beeping. Enter bios to check the temp.
    This seems more like a faulty drive or ram, run a memory test on the ram one stick at a time and download drive diagnostic tools from the maker and check the drive, like Seagate or WD or whatever brand you have.
  2. Thank you for response. Could you please explain to me how to do these things? I don't have a very extensive knowledge of computers. Any help is very much appreciated as I seem to have a new error every time I restart. One error in particular "Superfetch" causes my internet to crash. I also seem to get a blue screen 5 to 15 minutes after turning the computer on saying it needs to do a memory dump.
  3. It's looking more like memory.
    Download the free Memtest at:
    Burn the iso file to make a bootable disk.
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