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Im successful in getting into safemode on a computer I have. Windows XP Profess. The trouble im having is once in safemode and completed loading, the login screen pops up, I loose the mouse and keyboards ability to function. What can I do at this pt. to get the computer to set back to an earlier pt at which it was working correctly. Now keep in mind that I cannot login period on the normal screen or in safemode. without logging in i cannot perform any other actions. O if forgot to mention that the keyboard and mouse are in working condition, reason being i used them to type and navigate this message, lol.

also another tidbit of info. I have received error messages at the beginning of startup specifically at login stating The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of oxcooooac. Application error. pls help
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  1. Are the keyboard and mouse that you are using USB?
    If that's the case, borrow some PS/2 ones and try it like that.
    Sometimes in the BIOS you can enable/disable USB keyboard support.
  2. ^ +1

    Check to see what is enabled in the BIOS (f8 on startup).
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