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Since the last automatic update I cant copy files from my external usb hard disk it just says windows explorer not responding. I have done a virus check, all ok. It only happened after the last update and it is affecting both my pc and my laptop, both are running Vista (spawn of the devil) home premium. Anyone else having similar problems?
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  1. Turn off Automatic updates first. Then go to programes and features. In the window click on view updates. From the list, select the last update and then uninstall. After uninstalling, restart you computer and the update will be removed. If the problem is fixed you will have to do updates manually to choose only the updates you want to install.
  2. Way ahead of you mibix, already tried on the pc and laptop. It removes the updates but the issues still remain. I think i am going to have to do a clean install of vista without the updates and then see if i can access the usb drive. I was going to do a clean install of the pc anyway cause I have to much stuff on the hard drive. Thanks for replying.
  3. Hi scarr998 In device Manager are the USB Controllers OK. I seem to remember reading something somewhere about reinstalling/ updating the controllers to fix a similar problem. The thing is I dont know how. Good luck anyway, hope you get it sorted
  4. Thanks for the replys, it actually turned out to be my external hard drive. I had coped some files over to my hard drive and they were corrupted, it was happening intermittantly so it took a while to trace. the external drive is a seagate external desktop 1tb. Looking on the net it looks like seagate has major problems with the drive.
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