hey there people
got a new pc i built it myself
i'm trying to install windows xp x64 but in the 39minute i keep getting the blue screen of death and the code 0x0000009c i have no oparating systems so i cant go on safe mode and fix
please help me

mobo: asus p5q se2 DDR2
gfx: asus pci -e 1gb gts 250
cpu : intel e8400 3ghz core 2 duo
ram: g skill 4gb kit (2x2gb) ddr2
hdd : seagate sata 500gb hdd
and a 550 watt psu
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  1. Did you try with another CD?
  2. nope i should yea
    thanks =D
  3. ^Yes, is a good option, could be the CD, the DVD drive...
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