powercolor ATI X1950 fails?

pentium d 3ghz
1g generic ram
ati x1950 512mb
650watts power supply

-why is it that when i play oblivion, my pc restarts - sometimes even dies and i have to turn it on after a few minutes...what could be wrong with my pc?pls help!!!
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  1. what make is your 650 watt supply and what are its details??

    it could be that, or the card.
  2. clean out your fans, it may help, seems like a heat related issur, get a compressor, take the cover off yopur computer, take your comkputer out side and give it a good blow out, areas of interest, cpu fan, graphics card blower fan, psu, fan covers/grills/mats
  3. what do you mean?my specs dont meet my gfx card?what should i consider upgrading?specifically pls ie ram... :?
    i havent tried oc and no intention of doing so since un fr the philippines and it hot as it is... :cry:
  4. You did plug in the 6 pin PCI-E connector to the card, right?
  5. ofcourse i did!!! 8O anyway, heres an update on my pc specs...any suggestions would be most welcome. pls be specific on what upgrade i should consider. tnx

    mobo - intel 946gz
    processor - intel pentium d 3.4ghz
    gfx - PowerColor ATI x1950
    ram - 1gb dd2 533 -GENERIC
    power supply - dynamo 600w 24pin sata
  6. I've never heard of this Dynamo PSU, it must be some generic brand. Check how many Amps it has on the +12Volt rails.

    You've got a Pentium D running at 3.4 GHz. You should have at least 26 Amps on the +12V rails.
  7. actually i would say 30 amps more like it with the x1950
  8. ok now im f*cked up! :cry: just checked it, and it only has 22amps!!!dammit its so hard to pick good pc parts here in the philippines since stocks are very limited and not so much on variety...im not sure they sell heatsinks here either! T_T

    anyway, thanks for the info. any idea what good power supply would suit my pc...thanks! :wink:
  9. ey guys heres whats written on my power supply, pls help me out whether my power supply only has 22v or something or something else is wrong w/ my pc... *still hoping*

    input 115v -10a 60hz 230v -5.5a 50hz
    output 600 +5v +12v -5v -12v +3.3v +5vsb
    watts 50a 22a .5a .8a 28a 3a
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