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I need help from guys out there. My desktop using Vista 32bit keeps getting BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) between the Vista Loading Bar & the Vista Logon Page appearing. I'm 99.99% sure this problem is caused by the newly installed Avira Premium Security suite(previously using Norton 360 without problems) since it is the only modification of my Vista desktop in the last 2 days. Pls do not give sweeping statements as per what I get from my previous thread on why I should not jump ship from Norton 360 to Avira since what's done is done.

Since it's an error restart, at startup I'll be brought to a page where I get to choose to load at Last Known Good Configuration, Safe Mode etc.
The problem is, I am unable to move my arrow keys up down or the enter key thus now I'm stuck in an infinite loop where my Vista Desktop will get into BSOD, restart, wait 30secs at the page with options but arrow keys are not functioning and everything repeats again.
However so, I do not think my keyboard is spoilt, since the page before this where there's option to press F8, F9 or DEL to get into the Bios page, all 3 keys could be pressed, just that after getting in to each of the 3 options, my arrow keys & enter key could not work.

If anyone has a gd idea on how to get my arrow keys & enter key to work, pls let me know and I will be very thankful for the great assistance. Btw I am using a very cheap black Logitech wired keyboard for the Vista desktop and I have no other keyboard to try since my Win 7 desktop is using wireless keyboard.

P.S I will suggest normal PC users to not get Avira simply becos, there's no Live Support, no email conversation to solve the problem, Call support limited to office hours and unavailable in many countries, and the only way to solve minor/major problems will be through its forum, and with their slow reaction to the thread, probably u will take 1 week to even solve a minor problem. Note Avira is much more expensive than other antivirus around and we premium customers are getting the service equal to free product users.

Currently the rate of reply is 1 per 16hrs, and I'm getting exasperated since this is not the only problem I have with Avira for the 2 days I am with them.
At least at Norton 360 it was hassle free and u could have a venue to complain or get immediate help.
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  1. I doubt another keyboard will make any difference. The problem is we need a keyboard to fix anything.
    Do you have the Vista instalation disk, if you have, you could try booting with it and trying a repair install.
    You would need to get into bios and set the cd/dvd drive as first boot device if it isn't already.
  2. Hi thx for the reply.

    The thing is, only at 1st page of startup where I press the 3 options eg F8,F9, DEL the keyboard will work. If i press any of the 3 keys, the next page that comes up the keyboard will not work anymore.

    Means I put my Vista disc into the desktop and press F9, but after that I cannot move my arrow keys & enter key where required to choose harddisk or cd drive to boot.

    I'm gonna faint
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    At this stage just to make sure, buy/borrow another keyboard to rule it out absolutely.
    If it's a usb keyboard, see if you can borrow an old PS2 keyboard, or ask your local pc shop, they may have a secondhand one cheap or free. This to rule out any usb problem. Come to think of it, try switching the kb to another usb port.
  4. Hey thx
    I've tried all my usb ports and its not working for all.
    I will go look for some PS2 keyboard if i could find it.
  5. Thx
    Bought a PS2 Keyboard(Logitech is still producing it)
    and the bios work.
    Will now see how i could fix the system
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  7. same problem here...
    ..what did you do?
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