Replacement of silicon with graphene

i want the pictures and details of how silicon is replaced by graphene
in each field.please sent to email
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  1. What little is known can be found in a web search.
  2. The aerospace applications for nanotechnology include high strength, low weight composites, improved
    electronics and displays with low power consumption, variety of physical sensors, multifunctional materials
    with embedded sensors, large surface area materials and novel filters and membranes for air purification,
    nanomaterials in tires and brakes and numerous others. This lecture will introduce nanomaterials
    particularly GRAPHANE and discuss their properties. The status of composite preparation – polymer
    matrix, ceramic matrix and metal matrix – will be presented. Examples of current developments in the above
    application areas, particularly physical sensors, actuators, nanoelectromechanical systems etc. will be
    presented to show what the aerospace industry can expect from the field of nanotechnology.
  3. for more detail contact me.i am expert in this field.
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