Internal CIR header - what do I do with these?

The motherboard I have is an Intel DP35DP. As it's going to be retired to the lounge to become my HTPC next year I'd like to equip it with a Vista Media Centre compatible remote at some stage.

The board has internal CIR emitter and receiver connectors. What I meant to do with these? Are there front-panel ir receivers available that connect via the internal connectors? All the remotes I have seen either use an external or internal usb receiver.

Here's the link that Intel promotes but after visiting that I feel none the wiser. Can someone please enlighten me on how I use these internal connectors with a Vista MCE remote.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Inteset sells an Intel CIR module and remote that works with this header. Gets you S5 capability (power up from off state).
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