My Computer is infected by ZYNGA Game bars

I’ve installed W7 Professional on a brand new computer of make ASRock type CoreHT. Presently, there are two Administrator and one Standard User accounts on the Computer. All accounts have been infected by “Zynga Game Bars”. Said bars appear not in one place only, but in four locations in each account, i.e. top of Start menu, All Programs menu, Desktop and Taskbar! I’ve tried to remove the bars several times, but when the computer is restarted, all accounts are infected again! I presume that there is an application hidden somewhere in the computer. I’ve checked if any Application is loaded from Yahoo-Pulse, Facebook or Control Panesl (Program). But, I’ve found a reference to the link; “ …….” ) - Serious program makers allow their users choose locations of “start icons” and provide comprehensible means to uninstall their programs, if any user whish!

Can anyone help me to get rid of "ZYNGA infection”, because I’m not interested in any Zynga game at all!
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  1. What did u use to uninstall that with? can u uninstall add-ons from browser?

    Use something comprehensive like Youruninstaller or Revouninstaller

    Dont know about Zinga, but these two might do it right.
  2. Thanks for your hints!
    Revo Uninstaller Pro gives a comprehensive overview of most W7 settings. In the set of Auto-run programs, I saw a few with incomplete reference information, e.g. SmartView, which accidently has been installed on my computer. I know that, I’ve declined installation of that program! When said program was uninstalled, all four ZYNGA game-bars disappeared from all accounts, so the problem is solved!
    PS. ZYNGA support hasn’t provided any useful advices! DS
  3. No problem.

    I meant for u to use Revo Uninstaller just to remove (Uninstall) the junk only.
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