pn5 32 sli & seagate barracuda, seen in bios but cant write

Ok i had previous problems with my pc and the advice was a clean install first to xp media then vista.


I Went to put xpmdia in and it kept saying cant find this file cant find that about 20 of them, It eventually got to 100% after i had no choice but select ignore missing files, then during installtion it came up with fatal error.

I tried various things including formatting the hard drive, just to get xp in, it didnt work.


I thought if that aint gonna work then it'd have to be vista. All looked good, until i got to the install screen , now it can't find my C: drive.

went to install xp again, this time it loads all the files without error, then gets to the restart bit, when it restarts it cant find hard drive and goes back to cd, in a constant loop. If you diable cd and leave just hdd boot it just reboots over and over.

Tried vista gain, cant see my hard drive,

think i need to get the driver in for hdd but dont know how?

Any ideas where to start???

I have no floppy drive, As a thought my dad has same pc, if i plugged my drive into his motherboard and formatted it, would that make it work on y one?

Was working ok apart from software issues, so decided to wipe it. now im stuck.

my system
asus pn5 32 sli
seagate 300gb sata
2gb ram
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  1. Well i just found a pctools disk i had
    and am running 'ranish partition manager'
    it's formatting the biggest partition to fat 32 now.
    So do you reckon it'd be ok after this operation?
  2. first things first. You don't want to keep that drive in FAT32 format. It's unsecure and I don't even think you'll get XP or VISTA to install on FAT32.

    Take your problematic hard drive and plug it into your dad's PC. Run a disk check on it. It sounds like your hard drive is dying.
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