Acer Aspire one /Windows/system32/config/system

Hi, my dad's Acer Aspire one is no longer working, when booting it just comes up with \windows\system32\config\system

<alt>+<f10> doesn't work so I cant go back to factory settings and it doesn't have a disk drive.

Its only 6 months old, so its fairly new.

Anyone able to help or suggest some ideas?

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  1. Quote:
    when booting it just comes up with \windows\system32\config\system

    THis error means the hard drive is not being found to boot from. The hard drive may have gone bad for one. The boot sector may have become corrupted is my guess as to what the problem is. Or the hard drive may not be set as a boot device in BIOS. Try booting into BIOS and see if the hard drive is recognized and if the drive is set as a boot device option.
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