Excellent system backup software, eight years old

I was browsing here looking for good software to do a system backup that can be restored bootable to a new drive.

I thought someone might get a chuckle out of my current software: I am booting Norton Ghost 8.0, the 2003 version, from a floppy disc. It served all of my needs until I got an SSD, where I tripped over the 4K alignment issue.

Just posting for the laugh, I will probably used Acronis or Todo.
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  1. I have had good results with macrium reflect too. The only problem I have had is that the rescue disc (live cd) doesn't seem to be able to handle older computers, in my case, an older PC with a SiS645 chipset. I'd see drivers starting to load up, then it would simply freeze and require a hard boot/reset.
  2. I did get a good chuckle out of this, lol. :lol: :pt1cable: :sarcastic: :D

    I was using 8.2 back when I worked for a high school and had to ghost ALL the time.

    So many hours spent staring at a little half drawn ghost and progress bar...
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