A stop error message,a crashed laptop & unable to boot from cd

Hello there

I have spent the whole night looking at forum threads and yes i had a look at the aumha website

Suddenly yesterday my laptop (HP Pavilion zt3019ea, with windows xp on it) stopped working and i got this black screen with "your computer didn't start successfully`" but that was just the beginning of all my problems.
First I had to disable the automatic rebooting because the blue screen flashed too quickly.
the error message is "0x00000024 (0x001902FE,0xF8AF7378,0xF8AF7874, 0x82E94805)" which is apparently a problem of corruption in the NTFS file system (i don't really know what it means)

I wanted to recover few important files on the hard disk (most of them are on external hard drive phew!) so downloaded and burnt the ubuntu thingie (live cd?).

That's when I realized it was going to be tough, as my computer wouldn't boot anything from the cd (i even changed the priority settings in the bios), meaning I couldn't even reformat my computer...

I have to say that few months ago my computer had started taking LOTS of time to start up (like 10 min) but because of personal reasons I didn't get to get on with it and reformat my hard drive then...

hopefully you could help?

I'm a bit desperate...

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  1. Does you computer only have issues with booting from the unbutu disk or does it also not boot from the windows cd?
    It may be just a bad unbutu image.

    Another one that you could try is the Hirens boot cd.
    I have used it before.
    It has too many tools to list.
  2. I had problems booting with Ubuntu 9.10.
    I tried different ways of installing until it told me if I wanted to make my drive bootable or something like that.
    I said yes and Ubuntu ran some stuff, after that I was able to boot from the CD.

    I'm sorry that I can't be of more assistance, but it's been a month since I did it and I can't remember how I did it.

    Maybe if you try searching google.
    I'll do the same and if I find something I will post.
  3. that's ok i have fixed it with help from another website and now reformatting my hard drive!
  4. Good to see that you got it going.
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