Cannot save files in vista

Hello everyone,

I have MS Vista Home Premium edition on my lap top.

Lately, I cannot save folders nor any files within those folders to my desktop. Vista appears to save them, and I can see them on my desktop after saving, but they are gone once I reboot. I cannot find them. It's as if I never saved them at all.

Additionally, I have tried to save additional data to other files in MS Word 2007. Word appears to save them but again, once I reboot and look for the files and folders, they are gone. It's as if I never saved the files/data.

I tweaked my computer for faster performance. When I rebooted as instructed, all the changes went away. It's as if I never made any changes.

Finally, I cannot delete any programs in Vista. It appears that I deleted a program but when I reboot, I am right back where I started.

What gives ... please help. Thank you very much.
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  1. Run a virus and malware check.
    Desktop folders and contents should not be going missing. Word files should be in the My Documents folder.
    The other thing is you don't delete programs, you need to unistall them, that said if you have deleted the shortcuts to them they should not be coming back after restart.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have run several virus and malware checks. No problems were found.

    Desktop folders stay but the contents I save therein are no longer there. The Word files are in "My Documents" but the content I add to a document does not stay saved.

    I "Uninstalled" (eroniously I said delete) several programs but after I put my machine to "Sleep" for a while and came back to wake it up, I found the programs are still installed and the icons are back on my desktop.

    After "tweaking" my machine, I put my machine to sleep. Later, after waking it up, all the tweaks were gone and my machine was right back to where it was before eI tweaked it.

    I am disgusted. Do you think all this has to do with putting my machine to sleep after I perform an operation? That seems to be the common denominater.

    Thanks again.
  3. Sleep mode does not have any effect on other functions, starting up from sleep the pc will be as it was prior to it being enabled.
    Do you know when this started, anything you changed installed. If you have a restore point prior to the problem starting, restoring it may get it back to normal.
    I've never heard of anything like this before.
    What "tweaking" did you do?
  4. Sorry for the slow reply. Thanks for taking time to ry and find me a solution.

    Just for grins, today I tried to tried to uninstall several programs. During the "unistalls", the computer "showed" the programs were uninstalled. I shutdown the computer instaed of putting it to sleep. After I rebooted, the "uninstalled programs were right were still installed and working.

    I don't have an exact idea when this problem started but I am guessing it began several months ago when I saw that certain data was not being saved on a MS Word document. It was frustrating to say the least when I lost the data I had "saved".

    Am I correct to understand that a restore point is only good for 60 days? If so, I am past the restore point where I could restore my system to a working date.

    I have never heard of this before either.

    I did some tweaking for Vista that turns off various system features and such to make the computer faster and more efficient. This is the site I used: The tweakes were attempted a few weeks ago.

    Do you think I have a virus in my system?

    Thanks for taking time to respond.
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