Disk boot failure and constant restarting at splash screen

I have two old computers. One is significantly older than the other. The newer one doesn't have a HDD or a CDROM drive. So I took the Harddrive and CDROM drive from my older computer and put it in the newer one.

The Harddrive from the older computer has windows xp proffessional installed on it.

When trying to boot the newer computer, the computer restarts before the splash screen. Same for safe mode. - With new harddrives, it usually should come up with a message telling me that the Harddrive is corrupt or something; hence the need for a windows xp repair.

When trying to boot from my Windows XP CD (to repair windows, as I should with new Harddrives) a message comes up saying "Disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter"

I tried creating new boot disks in numbers of ways from different internet guides, still getting disk boot failures.
I tried re-applying the thermal paste and making sure the heatsink is secure in place (This sometimes causes the restart before splash screen due to overheating). - Still does the same thing.

I just don't know what to do anymore. Has anyone got any ideas?
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  1. Sorry! The reason was because both CDROM drive and Harddrive were set to master! DOPE!
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