What's safest way to update BIOS/Drivers?

My system has been acting funny and I was wondering If I should update the BIOS/Drivers. Whats the easiest and painless way to do this? This system was my first build and I heard updating the BIOS can hurt your system. How can I not hurt my system but just update it?

mobo is rev. 1.0 and F3
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  1. Giga-byte has some nice tools to do these things. For the drivers go to the gigabyte site and under support go to 'download center.' Make sure you're doing this in IE. Follow the steps and it'll show you which drivers need updating.

    As for the BIOS, I like using the @BIOS program. You can download it from Gigabytes site. After that, download the latest BIOS and extract it. Load @BIOS and have it look at the new BIOS file (.f11). It'll go through and update it. DO NOT shut down the computer during this process......it won't be pretty.
  2. If you're not using a UPS, update the BIOS when it's least likely you'll experience any disruption in your electricity, e.g., don't do it during a thunderstorm or at a times when you frequently experience surges if this is a problem where you live.
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