$2,800 dx10 GPU?

okay, i know quadro cards are for workstations using graphical programs and not tuned for gaming. however, i was using a computer in my schools art division and they played games pretty well using $500 quadro cards.

now, with dx10 cards out, nvidia has released the Quadro FX5600.

Here are the specs...

Video output interface type
PCI Express x16

12.3 in

4.4 in

Video RAM installed
1.5 GB

RAMDAC Clock Speed
400 MHz

Max resolution
3840 x 2400

Video memory technology

API Supported
DirectX 10, OpenGL 2.1

taken from:

I tried finding benchmarks, but the card is so new and user specific that there really are not any out there.

what kind of a 3dm06 score would a system with sli'd fx5600s yield? how would it compare to 2 sli'd ultras?
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  1. Quadros are not for gaming, they are workplace cards. You would use these for rendering for 3d modeling programs.
  2. i know, i am just wondering what kind of performance quadro cards would yield though.
  3. The Quadro 5600 is literally an 8800GTX with a slower memory, different bios, different drivers, and a different warranty.
  4. This is a hard question to answer, you see,Quadro SLI and GeForce SLI work a little differently, but I'd say that the Quadros would probably run somewhere between 10 and 20% lower, but I could be wrong of course. Still, I say just leave these to the rendering that they're built for.
  5. The Quadro is designed for rendering in 3d applications such as 3ds Max and Maya. It wouldn't be used to run real time applications. Though it can it doesn't do it very well.
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