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Buying a new DVD Burner

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June 30, 2007 7:29:24 PM

Hello all, first post....

So I want to get a new optical drive. I have read some reviews on here, looked on sites and user reviews, but still can't make up my mind. From the review on TG they recommend both the Sony/NEC AD-7170S and the Pioneer DVR-112. Neither of the two have light scribe on them, a feature I was hoping to get. The Lite-On, like the one I was planning on getting, has a really slow ripping time in the test. I was actually thinking the 20x version of this drive. Was wondering what drive you guys would recommend? Do you think Light Scribe is a feature worth getting? The reviews for Light Scribe are mixed.

Drive I was thinking of getting, either the IDE or SATA:

Link to TG Review:

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July 6, 2007 9:08:18 PM

The thing to remember regarding that article is the title; the operative word therein being "Cheap." I'd like Lightscribe in my next burner too, but performance and reliability has always been more important than the little "eye-candy" extras, and in that regard, my experience has shown Plextor to be hands down the best re-writable optical drives. Once the cheap burner starts cranking out coasters, then the initial savings disappear, and it won't matter if they have pretty pictures on them -- that's what the Sharpie's for.
July 6, 2007 11:47:01 PM

I've always used cheap drives, have a lite-on, LG, and Samsung and like the Samsung best, reliable, no coasters, and quiet. Personally I get ATA, SATA for DVD burners is too new for me (really slow getting new technology but that's my crazyness :)  )