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need some help. am looking for a driver update tool that can be run stand alone. tried several tools, but the trial is a fake. you canot test the recommended update drivers; you can only see what drivers should be updated according to the program.
Also, it shoul run from usb(stand alone)

thanks in advance.
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    When you run the app, it asks you if you'd like to run the trial version or apply for a registration key. The key is free, though, requiring only an e-mail address and your name. Once you've entered the key, the program interface appears, with slick button navigation: Driver Operations, Updates and Identification, and Popular Hardware. Mousing over one reveals more choices, so you can export your drivers, import drivers, or view an installed drivers report.

  2. many thanks for the fast reply.
    as far as i can see is only suitable for portable devices. will try that
  3. Ok if i find some others i'll post them!
  4. mmm devicedoctor seems to be fake. when trying to update a driver, it always installs thats not good because drivergenius isnt a portable app
  5. I'll look to see what else i can locate!
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