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Good Morning,

I have recently discovered that emails sent with Office 2007 (all current MS patches applied) do not get sent. They show up in the Sent Mail folder but they are not received.

I have run Windows 7 in Safe Mode, with Outlook /safe - and the problem continues.

I CAN send emails with very small attachments (say < 4 kb).

I have disabled Vipre (my antivirus program).
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  1. Hi mikeols
    Sorry i dont have a solution but i have the exact problem!
    I called microsoft and they have told me that if the attachments are showing in the sent box then is is most likly a problem with the customers computer... seems very starange that all of a sudden half of our customers are having issues receiving their invoices ( Send through our accounting program as a PDF attchent. please let me know if you find a solution
  2. I never did find the root cause, but upgrading to Office 2010 resolved it.

    That tells me that it was NOT my anti-virus software or firewall (or any other part of my system) but rather some part of my Outlook or MAPI configuration which was screwed up.

    My next step would have been to uninstall Office and then re-install it. If that had failed I would most likely have flattened my laptop and reinstalled everything.
  3. If the attachment is not recieved by the recipient and the attachment is visible in sent items, this is what needs to be done. You need to configure your Outlook to use Plain Text. Switch if you are using Rich text or HTML format. This should resolve the issue.
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