PCE to PCE Bridge found new hardware pop ups!! ARRGH! Help

My computer was working fine, then I started CSS but it told me I needed to update my graphics drivers so I went on the site and installed them great. Restarted then I got some weired errors to do with display extensions can't be shown when I right clicked on certain icons or closed some windows. To try and solve this I reinstalled my graphics drivers by firstly uninstalling from the contorl panel and using a driver cleaner then restarted but forgot my Main Board used an NVIDEA chipset so I had to reinstall the MB drivers which I did and restarted then I had these gay New Hardware Found: PCE to PCE Bridge bubbles popping up in the corner about 5 times and Found New hardware Wizard with that which is extremely annoying and does it everytime I start windows. I thought it might have been something to do with the fact that I installed graphics drivers before mb drivers but I cleared all drivers from control panel, device manager and driver cleaner then started again doing it correctly this time but the same thing happens which is very annoying. I don't think it has effected my system in anyway because it all works fine but I don't want those damn things popping up every time on start. Is there anything Anybody can do to help who has had similar experince? I mean it didn't used to do this. :cry: :cry:


Comp Specs:

Windows XP
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
Motherboard: Microstar International, K8N SLI Platinum
Chipset: Nvidea nForce4
RAM: 1024MB DDR Dual Channel
Graphics Card: Nvidea 7800 GT
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  1. I think you haven't installed all drivers for your chipset yet. It could be onboard LAN or whatever but make sure you installed all necessary bits and pieces.

  2. I don't know what PCE means, but what you're describing is something I have seen a lot of.

    An older rig of mine has an ATI Radeon AIW 8500DV. Whenever I do a fresh install of XP on my machine, everything is OK. I install the Catalyst drivers from ATI, though not the absolutely latest version. Everything installs correctly and there are none of the "unknown device" listings in System Manager.

    However, when going to Windows update, it always tells me that there is a newer driver for the video card. When I install it, i get like 5 sets of pop-ups saying new hardware was found, yet Windows can never seem to find the drivers for them. Consequently, there are several "unknown device" entries in System Manager.

    So, the only things I can tell you are these:

    1. go to the manufacturer's page for all of your hardware and get the lastest set of drivers for everything

    2. uninstall all out-of-date drivers and install the new stuff

    3. if Windows Update is telling you new graphic drivers are available, click on the box to ignore that update in the future (something I do all the time)

    I hope this helps a little.
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