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I am about to build a system with a Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW case, and was considering Zalman CNPS7700 CPU Fan. This fan looks like it will fit beneath the Cone Shaped side vent and either blow out or suck in from that vent, which as I say, has cone shaped attachment. One thing that bothers me is that the MoBo has a 4 pin CPU fan connector, the extra pin is for fan speed control and this and most other CPU fans I see only have a 3 pin connector. Why is this..??? Am I missing something here..??
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  1. I haven't done much with computers for the last year, so maybe it is new, but I have never seen a 4 pin fan connector that had speed control on the 4th pin. the only 4 pin fan connector I have ever seen is the kind that plugs into a regular 4 pin power supply connector. these have 2 grounds a 12v and a 5v pin.Only the 12v pin and 1 ground are actually use.

    Are you sure you are not looking at a Aux 12v power connector for the motherboard?
    Speed control dosen't require an extra pin, because it is done by reducing the input voltage before it gets to the fan. The 3rd wire on a 3 wire connector, is for the tachometer.
  2. It comes with its own controller for the speed control. Not controlled by MB.
  3. If it is an aux power connector, it is the same gender as a 4pin fan connector, so you won't be able to plug it in anyway.
  4. The power cord from the controller will plug into the MB CPU fan power connector
  5. No I am not talking about the 4 pin 12v Aux connector, or any other PSU cable connector. Here is a cut and paste from the Manual.

    JCFAN1: CPU Fan Header

    __ JCFAN1

    __ Pin
    __ Assignment

    __ 1 Ground
    __ 2 +12V
    __ 3 FAN RPM rate sense
    __ 4 Smart Fan Control

    Maybe it is a wire from the fan assembly itself. As suggesteed a wire from the Fan controller.??
  6. It must be something new. This link shows a 4 wire cooler for that case.
  7. a year away from computers is an eternity.
    It looks to me that it is part of the new BTX form factor specs. Here is another one.

    So any 4 pin fan that conforms to the BTX form factor should work.
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