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Hello All,

I am curious about the levels given out by these devices, I have used a 11b device for a while and recently upgraded to a 108Mbps 11b/11g device with extended range.

I have disabled the wireless functionality of the new device because when the wireless is enabled, it seriously affects the tv I have upstairs, the tv uses a wireless signal extender designed for tv's, I have tried different channels with no success.
Another thing which happened and may also be a related to the wireless router, when I first turned it on, a new AA battery with a use by date of 2009 exploded in my mouse, at first I didn't think anything of it but when I realized the amount of interference caused by the router, made me think again.

If anyone knows about radiation levels caused by these devices, safe? tried and tested or unknowns?
I am keen to understand and know the thoughts of others on this.
I know one thing and that is I will not sit in a house which I believe to be flooded with enough radiation to exploded a battery.

I have deliberately left out the manufacturer for obvious reasons, made a point of stating the 108Mbps as this devices states it has extended range with the 108Mbps bandwidth and this may also explain increased levels.

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  1. The power output is the same regardless of what modulation type, compression, or channels that you use. Actually the higher channels put out very slight higher gain. Not worth mentioning. These radios are 30 to 100 mW. Some Mfg's have some 200 mW radios but by and large the SOHO gear is in the 50 mW range. Not enough to blow up a battery. So, don't know what to say there. Sounds like you believe that caused it and I hesitate to debate it with you but unless your AP is severely damaged and operating well outside the norms, it didn't bust a battery. That's just the long and short of it. If your TV gear is using 2.4 Ghz radios then the AP could certainly cause interference and if it is using Frequency Hopping then it really won't matter what channel your AP is on.

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  2. Your problem maybe your microwave oven! NO JOKE! If it is throw it away!(the oven is leeking rf, bad)
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