Sony Vaio RS - 510 PSU Help Please

I just bought the GeForce 7600GT graphic card & Kingston ValueRAM 1GB, & Samsung 906BW for my Sony Vaio(yes I'm on a budget), but I'm reading that I'll need more power to enjoy the upgrade. Apparently it is a 'proprietary' PSU & so I'm having a very difficult time finding a compatible upgrade to 400w/+ or better. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I am in the states & have ordered everything except for my Samsung 906BW from newegg.
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  1. I to have a vaio and it came with a 369 watt power supply that power a 7800 GT that I upgraded just fine for over a year and the recommended wattage for that card is 400. These vaio have pretty good power supplies and seeing that the card your getting is AGP I doubt you'll need to upgrade but if you do the only option you have is to buy another case and power supply, and maybe a new cpu cooler (well atleast I had to).
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