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I'm trying to add quick links to my start menu. I know that this process should be easy: drag and drop right? And yet every time I try it comes up with the refusing mouse. If I try too add it manually by going to C:\Users\Admin\Start Menu and adding a shortcut there then it will appear in the all programs list at the top. This is really annoying. And yes, I do have "Enable dragging and dropping" unfortunately this still refuses to work. Do you think that someone might have manually disabled it from services.msc or something like that? If so then I shouldn't be too hard fix right? Any thoughts?
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  1. right click start menu-->properties-->customize start menu-->browse out to your program-->choose where in the start menu you want to place it.

    Yes, you should be able to drag/drop. Drag the item to the start button, wait for it to pop up, then place it in the menu.
  2. Sounds like you are using Vista. Is that true?
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