Please help with this ad hoc problem

hi and sorry for this long thread I'm trying to be specific
i have my main pc and laptop , my problem is the following :
i have a dsl connection on my desktop PC and i had a usb wireless G network adapter (US robotics)
i have plugged my usb wireless adapter in the desktop PC and setup an ad hoc network with WPA encryption then i shared my dsl internet connection with the wireless adapter and double checked and found that the ip on the wireless adapter now is which means that everything is fine till now ...then at the laptop i searched for wireless networks and i found the ad hoc network i already setup on my desktop PC , when ever i connect to it , it takes so much time on "acquiring network address" and after some time it says "connected" so i check and find that it has acquired an automatic private ip address (169.Xxx...) and no connection is present yet , i have tried to manually assign the following ip ( with the same sub net as the desktop pc and DNS as to the adapter still hasn't got any response while the wireless ad hoc network is connected , i have taken the laptop to a coffee shop where there a router and it's connected and everything works which means there no hardware problem with my network adapter i also tried the usb wireless adapter at this cafe it also worked fine what's this problem and the solution , how can i share my dsl connection using ad hoc wireless network ....?????????(note: i have tried sharing my dsl connection using a lan cable and it worked means that my dsl policy allows sharing as some isp's don't)
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  1. Get a wireless router.

  2. thank you , you are the smartest person on earth , i need solution to the problem , if i wanted to buy a router i wouldn't have bothered myself writing all this ;)
  3. I'm assuming that you're trying to use Windows Internet Connection Sharing via an ad hoc link between two computers, one of which is connected to the internet. I'm not even sure if ICS is intended to be used this way.

    I have done it with an internet connected "host" computer linked to a "client" by ethernet cable and it worked okay once we realised that firewalls had to be turned temporarily off to establish the connection.

    I would have a look at Windows Help files or the Microsoft site.

    Failing that, the previous reply isn't frivolous -- wireless routers are pretty cheap now (particularly if you can reflash one of the many ex-ISP supplied models which turn up in flea markets and on e-bay for peanuts).
  4. Why waste time trying get ICS working through an Ad-Hoc wireless connection when you can buy a wireless router for $40.00? Did you ever hear the saying, "Work smarter, not harder"?

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