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I did a clean install of XP on my PC. It will only start in safemode with network connections, but when I try and start in normal, it dies. The screen says that it is not getting a signal. I did change it from Fat to ntfs files. Would that be the problem? I guess I figure if it works well in safemode and even goes on the internet, then that isn't the problem?!
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  1. If it's working in safe mode but not in normal mode it could be the video drivers.
    In safe mode, it will start with generic drivers, and the minimal options
    Try to uninstall the video drivers and then reinstall them.
  2. I installed the monitor drivers and it didn't make any difference. I just went back and reformatted the drive again and it is working only in safemode with networking. Any other thoughts would be very helful.
  3. It's unusual that you get a signal in safe mode but not normal mode with a fresh operating system install.

    I would suggest downloading and installing your motherboard chipset drivers (if you don't have them already).

    If you need to I.D your motherboards make, model and version number you can use a free tool called SIW by Gabriel Topala:

    The SIW Standalone (English-Only) version on the left of the screen is the best option as it doesn't need to be installed.
  4. How far did you get on your "regular" install? Since you can access safemode, I am assuming that you have all your drivers installed (including chipset and video). You could try two things:

    1. After a few consecutive unsuccessful reboots, in your list of choices where you chose safemode, there should be a disable automatic restart option. Choose that and see if it produces any bluescreens of death with error messages and go from there.

    2. In safe mode, go to Start, select Run, and type in msconfig and click OK. Go to the Boo.init Tab and select /basevideo. Restart and see if it works in normal mode.

    If option 1 produces a bluescreen error message, troubleshoot it further with that or post the error message here.

    If option 2 works, you'll need a better video card driver and/or chipset driver.

    Hope that helps. Cheers.
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