Do i have to have a floppy for raid?

question in title..

i dont see why we cant use a cd.. and also do i leave the floppy disk in my computer to use raid? or is it a one time setup thing..

some1 please guide me through this whole raid thing?.. so far, ive made it into a stripped array in thru bios, and media sheild detects it fine on bootup, but it doesnt show correctly through windows.

if anyone has any other way to get raid with using a floppy im all yours
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  1. With windows XP, unless you slipstream the RAID driver into the XP distribution, you are going to need a floppy drive. Why? Because the A: prompt is the only prompt you are going to get from XP to install the RAID driver. Totally retarded, I agree, but that is the way it is.
  2. k thanks all..

    so when i insert the floppy, will it install and i wont ever need to use it again orr will i need to leave it in there ?
  3. Sequence:
    - press F6 key when you see the related message at the bottom line of the screen during bootup
    - insert the floppy with the drivers
    - select the right driver from the list, matching the your HW and Windows version (usually the floppy contains drivers for different similar HW and OSes)
    - if you have your floppy scheduled for boot in BIOS before your HD, remove it after the drivers got loaded
    - reinsert the floppy when told
    - remove the floppy when the drivers got copied

    You will never need to insert this floppy anymore: the installer copies all the necessary files on your HD during Windows installation.
  4. Actually there's an easy way to make a slipstream CD, ran into the same issue...

    use a program called nLite:

    You can totally customize which drivers to remove, add, what components to add, and add extra customized components. You can create a CD that's completely automated. Took a while to figure out but is actually quite nice once customized. No longer have to worry about excess Microsoft crap getting installed that I know is not needed...
  5. FYI,

    You double posted the thread. There was nothing useful in the dupe, do I deleted it.
  6. i did?

    oh well i am sorry about that then..
  7. oh and thanks everyone for helping me with this ^^
  8. I wish somebody would outline how to do this once XP is loaded on a non-raid drive. Exactly how to you add a 2nd and 3rd RAID0 setup with the pre-existing one drive OS. Again, leaving the OS on a single boot SATA drive. Do I have to reinstall the OS anyway?
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