Hi, I don't know much about computers, but a few days ago my computer started running really slow. I have AVG 8.5 free version for as my virus protection. So I ran a scan and 24hrs plus later its still running so I stopped it. Last night I ran the scan again, woke up this morning its still running and it won't get past these HKLM documents or files. Do you have any suggestions? Does this mean I have a virus? Thanks for your help. Joann
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  1. What are the filenames of these HKLM files and where are they located?

    AVG has a horrible scanning engine. My experience with it has been mediocre at best. There could be some malware in your computer that is causing it to slow down as well. Malwarebtyes is a pretty good tool (and free) to scan and clean for malware. I'd start from there.

    Malwarebytes -
  2. HKLM is in the Registry (it stands for Handle for a Key to the Local Machine). I have no idea why a scan of it would take so long, though...
  3. Boot into safe mode with networking (f8 on startup). Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Do a full system scan.

    I would suggest uninstalling AVG and installing Avira.
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