Any apps to limit a computer on your networks bandwith?

I can't install it on my sisters computer cause she has it with her 24/7. She streams movies off PPstream 24/7 which results in almost unbearable internet surfing. Takes up all the bandwith I don't get it. I already upgraded my internet a bunch so I download at 1.5 mbps now and whatnot and still it takes up like 90% of the bandwith.
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  1. Go to the router and block her mac and say internet is down. Ha ha!
  2. Plus that will solve it ^
  3. That will do it.^

    Or to make her less mad about it try :
  4. Some router have option to limit the speed of an user, try checking them,

    or you could use a program called NetCut
    many people use this program in cafe or public place that have hotspot, using those program can limit or cut internet access in the victim, to use it, just install the program, click the look ip button, and choose your victim ip/mac address and press the limit or cut button :)
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