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Hello there, exactly as it sounds.

I had to do a fresh install of windows 7. Example, my C: drive was a fresh install of windows and my torrents were incomplete but close to 80 percent downloaded, the download drive is h\downloads.

Utorrent now reinstalled, is setup to download to the same location h:\downloads

I even check to see if it was the append check mark to see if the renaming had something to do with it, testing by creating two folders and then trying one 80 percent, didnt work, then renaming the other to try again.

No torrents are resuming where they left off, I backed up the download directory before it started doing the stupid downloads all the way back at 0 percent.

I've been using torrents for a number of years and these downloads are from the same source, same torrent.

I also had tried using the .torrent files from my old installation, for example ilovekyliemonigue-flt.torrent .. THis file was what was used to download on the old install. I copied that over and double clicked, (all same locations), and still wants to trash the whole thing.

why why why.
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    When you start Utorrent, don't let it automatically start downloading. When the torrent is STOPPED, (not downloading/force downloading). You can then right click <Force Re-check>. It will then, go and search for the pieces. I guess I felt it shoudl have done that automatic. Think of all that bandwidth waste

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