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Has anyone ever used back burner with Maya for network rendering. I have set up a rendering farm in the past but it was Lightwave's screamernet and I really don't know much about maya. I got backburner installed and the Master node (controller) and the server nodes (render computers) can speak to each other and I can monitor them in Backburner Queue monitor. I test a scene and two of my nodes get the error Cmdjob adapter: crate Cmdjob process error :2 and the other node gives me Cmdjob adapter: crate Cmdjob process error :193. Has anyone encountered this situation before?
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  1. No sorry, i have only ever used back burner with 3ds Max, so don't really know about using it with MAYA
  2. I was able to finally get around the error code 193 by adding an "exit 0" to the end of my batch script.

    this was rather inconvenient because I was using a vbs script, and the only way I could figure out to solve it is to route the call through a batch script with this line of code.

    also error code 2 appears to be a file not found error, usually if the target is local instead of on a share drive... or if the share drive isn't connected
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