Driver_irql_not_less_or_equal fix?

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I keep getting this error message at random points (generally when watching a video) also I got it when trying to install MS Office but finally got it installed by running the computer in TuneUp Utilities 'Turbo Mode'. After doing a quick Google research I think that this is up to RAM although not sure. They all seem to think it's to do with drivers or something like that. Any ideas?
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  1. Try this:

    1. Open "System" properties (Windows key + pause or Right click 'My Computer' - properties or Control Panel - System).
    2. On the Hardware tab click the "Driver Signing" button.
    3. In the dialogue that comes up choose "Ignore" to install the new driver anyway.
  2. It could be two things - drivers or your RAM. When you get the bluescreen, pay attention to the message. Most of the time it will tell you which file cause the crash. That should lead you to the driver that needs updating.

    Bluescreens can also be caused by bad RAM or overclocking. memtest is a good util to test your RAM. -
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