Booting problem(Please help me)

HI..i may have some grammar mistake here because i seldom use English.Please Forgive me..

First, my system is running normally.Until 1 day,my hard disk is virus or spyware attacked.It auto log off when i log in.this is not the problem.I plan to backup my doc and reformat it.So i take an old IDE harddisk to be connected as primary drive.BSOD occurs when it reach the windows xp loading screen(with xp logo)i do not suspect anything because it is an old hard disk from my other comp.So i borrowed a SATA harddisk from my friend.same problem friend told me that he seldom use that harddisk because he do face some BSOD.then i reformat and reinstall windows.When i boot, it says"bad Image Checksum"(something like that).It do have so cracking sound when it is loadding.I haven cheack it out using a new harddisk because i do not have 1 and i don't plan to buy it now.

Currently i am using ASUS Striker 2 formula and i do O.C with it.

So. my question is do i have problems with my hardware or just those harddisk?
i really need all your help..THX

P.S please feel free to ask me question if i do not describe my problem well or u need other information.thanks
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More about booting problem please
  1. To start I think you need to turn off your overclocking before trying to install the new windows. Sounds like it isn't stable enough to get OS installed properly. Use standard clock settings and try again.

    This could also be a RAM issue, try different RAM combinations or borrow another piece of RAM to test install.

    Lastly, all manufacturers provide diagnostics utilities and CDs that are bootable. (ie If you have a seagate drive, use the Seagate tools from their website). This will let you run quick and full tests of your hard drives to make sure they are ok.

    Try those suggestions, and hope it helps.
  2. i did turn off the overclocking bt same thing happened.I will try it with RAM.THx
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    You can't just take a hard drive from a PC and plug it into your PC and boot up. It usually doesn't work. Once in a while it will if the hardware/drivers are similar. Different motherboards will have different chipset drivers and your HAL.dll will be different. You can try a windows repair if you have the correct OS disc. That may get the drive booting.

    The BSOD is likely from missing SATA drivers or not having the correct interface enabled in the BIOS. If you are using an IDE drive, IDE needs to be enabled in the BIOS. If you're using SATA, then it needs to be enabled.
  4. o i see.So u mean i have to repair the whole OS?
  5. Yes. That will likely allow you to boot off that drive.
  6. all right.I will try then.Thx
  7. aford10, thx for your solution
    i did it
    thx much
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  9. I have a virus, I can't use any anti software to fight it, when I choose the anti virus software, the logo pops up and then goes away right away. I don't know what to do. I have a Vista system. If I buy an XP disk and install it, will the virus go away? Please help me!!!
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