Is there a program that can restart my computer when it freezes

i am a torrent dowloader. unfortunately my computer is old and slow. so it often freezes. but if there was a program which could restart my computer whenever it freezes i whould have no further issues. btw i am running on windows xp
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  1. Old and slow usually does not cause freezes, but torrent users are often infected with viruses or malware so make sure you have good protection installed. Another common issue is bad memory, so check that also.

    A program itself will not work because when Windows freezes so do your programs. However. . .There is a combination software/hardware solution called a watchdog timer. They include a card you install that will reset your PC if the software does not regularly reset a timer. They are generally used on specialized PCs that control systems or automated equipment 24/7, but you can install them in any PC. One source is here, but you can find others by searching.
  2. thanks alot man
  3. At the ISP I used to work for, we had some really cool power strips that could be accessed in-band and out-of-band via dialup modem or telnet. You could send a command to power on/off a single outlet or all outlets. It also had a reboot command so you could do something like reboot 1,10 so that it would power off outlet 1 for 10 seconds then power it back on. It let you label each outlet so you could have "Apache Server 1" instead of "outlet 1".

    Unfortunately I can't remember the company that made these, but if you google out of band power strip you can find some. Also, even the smaller units can cost quite a bit of money.
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