Getting thrown off Windows Messenger constantly..

I'm having difficulties staying connected to Windows Live Messenger; it kicks me off about a minute after connecting.
The problem has persisted for 2 days, and I haven't a clue what causes it.
I didn't update anything prior to this problem, although I've since run both Windows Update and Windows Live Essentials update, neither of which has had an effect.
I use AVG, but since nothing has been altered in the firewall exempt list, something tells me that is not the problem..

Has anyone experienced anything like this?
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  1. AVG had problem with live messenger

    to solve it

    1. Open up the AVG interface.
    2. On the Overview tab, double click on the Online Shield icon.
    3. Click on the Instant Messaging Tab, and untick the 'MSN Protection' box.
    4. Click 'Save Changes'.
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