Can I use Windows OEM for virtual machine in Mac?


I will install a Windows to be used in my MacBook Air. I found a Windows 7 OEM at Amazon but I am not sure whether I can use it for installation with Boot Camp or with Parallels.
Should I buy a full (and more expensive) version of Windows 7 instead?
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  1. I don't see any issue with this, however, I have seen few threads in past referring to activation issues with regard to running Windows in VM.
  2. Buying the OEM should not have any effect whatsoever when it comes to this.
    They are the exact same OS in the end.

    The OEM is actually just meant for those who plan on selling the machine it is installed on. It's actually against the terms and agreement to use it for personal use. That is why its cheaper and doesn't come with the fancy box. This is the only real difference between normal retail and OEM.
  3. Unlike a Windows 7 upgrade, an OEM edition can be used to install the new operating system on a brand new, and thus blank, virtual machine, making OEM licenses attractive to users, such as people who own Macs, who want to run Windows 7 in a virtualized environment, such as VMware's new Fusion

    OEM will be fine ^
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