Wiped my hard drive of vista now i want to restore vista

My Hp laptops motherboard broke and long story short I removed the hard drive to use as an external hard drive so wiped windows off. I have recently managed to sort my hp laptop and now want to put windows vista back on the hard drive so it can be used again but dont know where to start. How do I re install windows vista onto a blank hard drive? Thanks
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  1. you need a disc with vista on it!
  2. I have the recovery discs I made when the laptop was new. can i just put the blank hard drive into the laptop put in the recovery discs, will this work?
  3. if the discs were made correctly yes!
  4. do you have the vista key or oem sticker!
  5. I have the product key for vista that is on a wee sticker on the bottom of the laptop. Take it that is what you mean?
  6. yes then it should work
  7. I Changed the settings in the Bios to load from the cd drive, had the recovery disc in. The system then loaded the disc but then suddenly appeared with Error "This PC is not supported by the System Recovery Discs". I do not understand why? All that has happened to the laptop since the recovery discs were made is that the:
    Hard drive had been wiped clean
    A new optical drive has been fitted
    There was also a fault with the graphics card so this has been fixed, dont know if replaced though.

    If its any help the laptop is a HP pavilion dv2750 ea.

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