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im hoping someone here will be able to help me i have brought the gigabyte p35t dq6 motherboard and intent to buy the ram for it tomorrow. the problem i have is that i have read alot of reviews on the ddr3 and most say that it runs no better than high end ddr2. so my question is from the current ddr3 you can buy what is the best to buy ( best bang for my money ) i have read that some of the ddr3 runs at timings of 7 7 7 but i cant seem to find this to buy and im not sure if that will be better than the ram running at higher timings.

could someone piont me in the right direction please also if u have any links to places selling the ram i would love that 2 ( i am uk based so usa link no good )

i thank you for any help
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  1. At this point in time it would be stupid to buy DDR3 RAM. Simply buy 2 or 4GB of high quality DDR2 Ram preferably 6400 or 8500 at 4-4-4-4-12 or good timings.
  2. thanks for the respose but as i already have the board and it will only take ddr3 i have to buy the ddr3 so am lookin for the best i can get at the min for a reasonable price if possible
  3. I am also getting a DDR3 Compatible board although I'm getting DDR2 RAM for it. DDR3 RAM is WAY too expensive, and not as good as DDR2 RAM for the moment. Just get good quality DDR2 RAM, DDR3 is stupid to buy at this point in time even though you have a DDR3 RAM compatible motherboard.
  4. DDR2 motherboards are not compatible with DDR3 and vice versa. The pins are the same but they have different key notch location
  5. Ummm. You can't just throw in DDR2 memory into a DDR3 memory slot, unless you purchased a motherboard that has DDR2 AND DDR3 ram slots. For example;

    The Green slots are reserved for DDR3, red and yellow DDR2. You can see where the notches are placed differently on the memory slots.
  6. I no but most motherboards have support for DDR2 if they have DDR3 support. For instance the motherboard I am getting has DDR2 Pins an DDR3 Pins too.
  7. The Gigabyte I posted above is the only motherboard that I'm aware of with DDR2 and 3 support. Most motherboards DON'T support Both. It's one or the other. What board are you getting?
  8. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128048

    Supports both DDR2 + 3. GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R

    Cheap too!
  9. That would be the board I posted above.
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