Connect 2 PC's (One Vista one XP)

I have a computer with XP on it and onboard lan (Asus A8NSLI Deluxe Dual Gigabit LAN) and will be building another box with Vista 64bit on it using onboard lan from an (eVGA 780i dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN).

Using a comcast cable modem and trying to get both computers on the internet at the same time, what equipment will I need and will it work having two different operating systems?

Both computers will be within 10 feet of eachother so I don't want to do anything wireless.

I do game online occasionally if that matters.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. buy a router
  2. thehelo said:
    buy a router

    Thats a very well thought out and detailed reply. Thank you.

    Maybe you could advise on whether I would be better served with a wired or wireless router? Perhaps some detail on the type of router and functions I should look for might be helpful as well.

    I've read up on what they do vs a switch or hub, but there seems to be about 45 different kinds with differnt speeds and funcitons that I just don't understand. I searched for a quick answer to this question, but couldn't find anything related to my particular circumstance.

    Any additional help would be even more appreciated. Even a complete sentence would be helpful. :p
  3. Buy a Belkin G Wireless router from Wal-Mart and disable the wireless. There's no difference in price between wired and wireless. You can't use a switch/hub since you only get 1 IP address from Comcast.

  4. If you think you might be transferring large files back and forth between computers and you just can't wait a little longer you might look into getting a Gigabit router. They do cost more and for most people they aren't worth the money. They also WILL NOT increase internet speed.
    I have used Linksys, Belkin, and D-Link. Currently using a D-Link router with no problems.
    Grumpy is correct if you don't need wireless it would be best to turn it off for security concerns.
  5. Thank you.

    Very cool I didn't even realize you could buy a wireless and just not use it that way. I don't have the coin to drop on the Gigabit at the moment lol.

    Since neither of you mentioned it, I assume the Vista/XP isn't a problem even for transferring files then?

    Also, I read that they will give dedicated bandwidth to each computer on the network. Is there usually a way to over-ride that so if only one computer is being used, it can achieve maximum speed?


    EDIT HERE: I was looking for the purpose of having dual onboard lan and there were several tecnical answers given (none that concern me) but of the guys posted that dual gigabit lan allows your rig to be set up as a router. No one denied that, but no one verified it either. If that is true, do I really need to buy a router?
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